Karangin Company is committed to providing you with solutions, customization, and service for all your thermoplastic needs. We offer a wide range of technologies available in pellet, sheet, and film that are designed to meet even your most challenging application requirements.

Karangin Company provides compatibilizer, modified plastics and compounds in over 40 different engineered resin systems for applications requiring properties such as:

KARABOND ® P - Chemically Modified polypropylene

KARABOND ® E - Chemically Modified polyethylene

KARABOND ® C - Chemically Modified EVA

KARABOND ® A - Chemically Modified EP , EPDM , and Others

KARABOND ® SL -  Silane modified plastics

KARABOND ® XL - natural crosslink able plastics

KARABOND ® CR - vis breaking Polypropylene

KARABOND ® V – plastics and thermoplastic elastomer compounds

KARABOND ® PERT Chemically Modified polyethylene

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