Solvent base intumescent Passive fire protection for interior & exterior use

KARAFAS®  AW 100  is a solvent base intumescent  fire retardant coating which made of Acrylic Resin.

Main applications

KARAFAS®  AW 100  is mainly used as fire retaradat coating   

Typical Characteristics

part 1 Number of content 1
g/cm31,2±0.5 density 2
%60 Solid content 3
  no Rodent repellent 4
%<15 Total shrink after curing 5
% - LOI 6
- V0 UL94 7
- None Danger class 8
-On request color 9

Security / Precautions of use

KARAFAS®   Must be stocked in dry conditions below than 50°C and protected from UV rays. Improper storage conditions can cause degradation and have consequences on the physical properties of the product.

Shell life is 2 years from the production date.

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