Solvent based fire protection coating for interior and exterior application

 Product description

System properties:

 fire protection coating system for structural steelwork. For steelwork located in indoor situations,


Primer for steel karacoat® PEZ or

Primer for galvanized steel karacoat® PEZG

Solvent based fire protection coating

karafas® IS 200 - interior use

Top coat karafas® IS

No top coat required for internal dry environments

Except, for colored decorative finish.

 Application areas


for indoor and outdoor use on structural steel members like columns, girders and framework with a highly effective protection to delay the steel from reaching its critical temperature. Note: With critical situation i. e. frequent formation of condensation and/or heating up of surfaces above 45° C, possible special measures should be taken.

 Packaging and colours


On request


On request


Technical data

Number of component 2
Resin base Polyurethane  
Pot life after miaing 30 min
density: approx. 1,2+/- 0.4 g/cm3
Solid content: approx. 60% (according to EN ISO 3251)
Shelf life:
18 months from delivery in cool and dry storage conditions, original unopened containers.

Theoretical coverage:

500 urn dry - 750-800 urn wet* -

1100 g/m2- 0,780 l/m2

See corresponding separate Consumption Table.

*Note: Ratio dft / wft varies depending on the

Application method.

Application instructions

Object temperature:

Not below + 5 °C, to max. + 50° C

Relative humidity:

Max. 80 %. Application temperature should be at least 3°C above dew point. In case relative humidity exceeds 80% special measures must be taken to prevent the condensation forming while application.

Surface pre-treatment:

Checking and pre-treatment: see Technical Data

Sheet on Primers - measure and take note of

Existing primer thicknesses.

A compatibility test on the existing anticorrosive

Primer/coatings with the fire protection system is


Any damage (impact, corrosion, etc.) should be

Repaired prior the coating.

Preparation of coating material:

Stir thoroughly, free of lumps

Airless spraying:

Equipment up to a transmission > 45:1. Screens and filters must be removed; hose diameter not below 3/8", hoses must be solvent resistant. Nozzle size

0, 46 - 0, 66 mm/0,019 - 0027". (See also separate Technical Information Sheet on airless application.)

Note: The karangin fire protection coat shall be applied in several coats up to the final dry film thickness required. Wet film thickness approx. 400 urn for 1 st application coat on primer. Wet film thickness approx. 500 urn for each subsequent application coat is recommended.

Brushing/ Rolling:

Several coats are necessary.


Approx. 15 hours for each fire protection coat for

Exterior use at 20°C object temperature and 65%

Relative humidity.

Lower temperatures, higher relative humidity and

Different fire protection coating thicknesses can

Prolong drying.

karafas® IS 100 requires a minimum of 48 hours

Drying before the application of top coat karacoat®

 Through-drying of can be checked by fingernail-test".

During application and drying of total karangin

coating system including karafas® IS 100 top

coat as well as transportation special protection

measures must be taken against weathering.

Top coat:

For decorative reasons we recommend the

karafas® S top coat produced in RAL colour

Shades or on request for special shades e.g. NCS


(See separate Technical Data Sheet for top coats -

1 x180g/m2, 140ml/m2).

Cleaning of equipment:       Cleaning of apparatus immediately after use with

karaclean® thinner

Time – temperature – thickness according to ASTM E 119

For still thickness 30mm/ plate (approximation for still structure) 

Retardation time (Min) Intumescing paint thickness  μm Gr/ M^2 Fiber reinforced
60 1800-2000 2000-4500 NO
120 3600-4000 4000-5000 NO

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