Fire protection coating for cable – interior or exterior use

Product description

System properties:                  a spray coating which follows the profile is flexible solvent free mortar. About 2-3 mm thickness forms insulating layer and propagated nonflammable gas when subjected to fire and heat.

System:                                       karafas® A 2000s

Application areas

Application:                                protection of cables, cable splitters, cable trays, ladders, bundles Protects against heat and spread of fire.

             Packaging:                          On request

Colors:                                On request

Technical data

PH:                                          7.5±0.5

Mass density:                            approx. 1, 35+/- 0..05 gr/cm3

Solids content:                           approx. 70 % (according to EN ISO 3251)

Rodent repellent                      yes

Flash point:                                not applicable

LOI:                                         >93.4 according to ASTM D2863

Flame retardant:                     according to UL94   V0

Shelf life:                          18 months in cool and dry storage conditions, original unopened containers. Protect against frost!

Labeling:                                 Heat and Safety in accordance with legal requirements is to be continuously altered as required. The label corresponds to the current legislation.

Application instructions

Object temperature:                  not below + 10 ° C, to max. + 50 ° C

Surface pre-treatment:             Remove loose dust. Suction is recommended. Remove any grease or oil with dry rags.

Preparation of coating            Thorough mechanical mixing


Addition of thinner:                  as a rule not necessary, possible up to max. 5%

                                                (By weight) of water.

Airless spraying:                                            equipment up to a transmission > 30:1.

Screens and filters must be removed, hose diameter 3/8". Whip line 1/4" may be used. Spray guns fitted with reversing nozzles are suitable.

Fan angle 15° to 25° according to cable configuration and lengths. Nozzle size 0,46 - 0,66 mm/0,019 - 0027". Painting with a paint brush or a brush attached to a rod for difficult access.

Processing:                             Apply the fire protection coating thinly and then after this is dry make a further application of specified coating material.

The cableways are to be coated on the surfaces on all side. It is not necessary to separate the cables. Ensure that the seams or gaps receive sufficient coating and that surfaces which are difficult to access also receive sufficient coating (check with a mirror) In the case of small gaps between cableways which are on top of one another and also for spraying the sides nearest to the walls, the use of angle nozzles with extensions is recommended

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