Extrusion Coating means extruding a polymer onto a substrate, to combine properties of both materials. One of the main concerns is about the adhesion between the two components.

In order to achieve the suitable level of adhesion, the use of tie polymers is required.

Coextrusion Coating means extruding several layers of polymers onto a substrate. Multilayer structures are developed in order to answer the requirements of the packaging industry, using the synergy between different materials and their properties: barrier, sealing, mechanical, chemical, resistance.

Some of these plastic combinations do not show good interlayer adhesion. As an example achieving good adhesion between LDPE and EVOH requires the use of a tie layer.

KARANGIN manufactures several types of polymers for coextrusion coating and lamination applications.

Extrusion coating is mainly used when producing the following articles:

Flexible multilayer laminates:                                       Flexible multilayer coextruded:

Lidding                                                                                                                      idding

Foil based laminates                                                       Skin Packaging


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